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Skin Marvel™ User’s Testimonials

Actress Debbie Arnold for Skin Marvel

Debbie Arnold headshot thumbnail.

I started using Skin Marvel only a few weeks ago and the difference to my skin, nails and hair has been astonishing. My nails are so long and strong. They haven’t been like this for years! Even my hairdresser noticed my hair was different and asked me what I had done to make it so thick!

My skin is always pretty good but now it’s plumper and more youthful looking but the most amazing thing is that my eczema has almost completely cleared up. It had been really unsightly and uncomfortable and I tried everything possible to get rid of it and nothing worked. Now it’s disappearing and I am delighted! So delighted that it was me who approached Skin Marvel and asked if I could spread the word. But just don’t take my word for it... try Skin Marvel yourself and see!

Debbie Arnold

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Trisha Buller MIT SRSH for Skin Marvel

Ciente Salon headshot thumbnail.

With 38 years of experience in the hairdressing industry, and as a consultant trichologist, I am always interested in new products that can assist in maintaining and improving skin and hair. I was so interested in Skin Marvel, and the science behind it, that I took a 30 day course myself. I was really surprised at how quickly I noticed an improvement in my skin. Some dry patches on my arms and legs which seemed to have been there forever just vanished. I have also agreed with ActiveSignal that I will run a clinical trial at the Waterside Place Private Clinic, where I run my trichology practice, to measure how quickly and by how much the skin and hair improves when taking Skin Marvel.

Trisha Buller

Visit the Cienté Salon website >

Pippa Jones, host of the Magazine Program on iTalk FM

Pippa Jones headshot thumbnail.

After learning of the product as the result of an interview with Graeme, I decided that I had to try it out. The logic and simplicity of the theories behind all of ActiveSignal’s products is what intrigued me, as it puts the emphasis on the very basis of life itself, individual cells!

I love Skin Marvel. Not only is my complexion smoother and clearer, my hair is definitely glossier. I’ve been using it now for only 2 weeks, but am noticing an improvement in my general appearance that I can only put down to Skin Marvel.

Pippa Jones

Pippa Jones on iTalk FM, 97.1 FM from Gibraltar to Malaga on the Costa del Sol >

Maurice Boland, host of the Boland Show on iTalk FM

Pippa Jones headshot thumbnail.

I’m not sure how many men are using the amazing product but I can only say from my experiences that it is a total bloody miracle. From the moment I started to use it (with a great tingling sensation at first) I knew it was going to do what it said on the tin. It’s natural, it’s safe and IT WORKS!

Want to freshen up and feel good about yourself? Try Skin Marvel. You won’t regret it.

Maurice Boland

Maurice Boland on iTalk FM, 97.1 FM from Gibraltar to Malaga on the Costa del Sol >

Actress Patricia Brake for Skin Marvel

Patricia Brake headshot thumbnail.

Today I am wearing a red shirt and Skin Marvel has helped to make that possible. I am a psoriasis sufferer. My problem area is the scalp, so it’s hidden from view, but my wardrobe consists of a lot of white tops. Not that flattering for a woman of my age. I have been taking Skin Marvel for the last couple of months and can really feel the difference. The irritation and redness has subsided, and colour has returned to my wardrobe. I know psoriasis is peculiar to us but Skin Marvel has worked for me.

Thank you.

Patricia Brake

Patricia Brake on IMDb >

Pamela Parry-Jones, satisfied customer

Since Michael, my partner, has been taking Skin Marvel there has been a very definite improvement in his psoriasis with his toe nails growing brilliantly, will definitely continue taking it.

Pamela Parry-Jones

More Skin Marvel user’s success stories coming soon! If you would like to share your experience using Skin Marvel with our visitors please contact us.