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How Skin Marvel™ Works

Good skin health comes from deep within and it does not matter which products you apply to your skin, wash your hair with or put on your nails. If they are not healthy from the inside you can never get the look you want.

Humans also have a total of about three to four million eccrine sweat glands spread throughout the skin.

In a healthy young person there are about 33 capillary loops in ever square millimetre of skin.

The total area of all the capillary walls in the human body exceeds 6300 square metres, that is, the area needed to park 250 London buses!

The skin is the largest organ in the body, and so it contains the greater proportion of the total capillary bed and contains most of the blood within your body.

Perfect skin can only be achieved through a good blood supply to every cell of the skin and efficient cooling and cleansing infrastructure.

Cosmetic creams are only applied to the “dead” epidermis level and will not contribute to overall skin health.

Skin Marvel works with your body from the inside encouraging cells to clear blockages that inhibit skin quality.

Hair and nail growth are part of our amazing skin structure and also need to be healthy from the inside.

Skin cross section diagram showing microcirculation and perspiratory system.

Perspiration provides cooling plus antibacterial peptides which protect and keep pathogens out of the skin

Capillaries provide oxygen rich nutrients and remove carbon dioxide and other waste products.

When the body does not sweat properly this layer of protection is lost. Bacteria enter the skin through the sweat ducts. As a result, the body has an autoimmune reaction which creates a blockage in the duct to prevent further entry of these invaders. With the ducts blocked, sweat can't escape to the surface and it bursts through the walls of the sweat ducts damaging tissue and capillaries in the surrounding area. The problem is compounded as more ducts are blocked and more capillaries are damaged.

Just like our skin, our hair and our nails can only be healthy if the living part of them, that is the part below the dermis, is healthy with a good blood supply and exclusion of infection.

Skin Marvel is a bio-medical supplement that stimulates our body’s electrolyte management by signalling an abundance of vital ions every second for 24 hours a day.

The Skin Marvel capsule is a signalling device and nothing actually passes into the body. Because it only sends signals that our body expects to receive it will always work and will never have side effects.