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Skin Marvel™ FAQ

What is Skin Marvel™?

Skin Marvel™ is a signalling device that contains specially formulated natural electrolytes that are sealed in a special capsule so that they cannot dissolve while passing through the body, but which the body can detect and react to through a method called “cell signalling”. Each capsule is effective for approximately 24 hours. Good health and optimum performance in physical and working environments requires the body to be in normal balance (homeostasis). Skin Marvel™ acts on the metabolism to restore the natural innate immunity of the skin. It is the loss of this innate immunity that prevents perspiration and circulation systems from working properly and this can be the underlying cause of many chronic conditions.

How long has Skin Marvel™ been on the market?

Skin Marvel™ is a new product, based upon Smart Cell Signal™ technology, that came on to the market in 2011 following many years of research and testing by the manufacturer.

What ingredients does Skin Marvel™ contain?

Skin Marvel™ contains naturally occurring electrolytes, none of which exceeds 4% of your recommended daily intake, but this is irrelevant since none of these electrolytes are actually dissolved or digested. They are sealed in the specially designed capsule and do their job by signalling to your body that it has a surplus of electrolytes as the capsule passes over the digestive surfaces of the body.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container 30
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Magnesium 2 mg 0.5%
Chloride 131 mg 3.85%
Sodium 81 mg 3.38%
Potassium 3 mg 0.09%
Zinc 12 mg 1.2%

Ingredients: Magnesium chloride, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, zinc, vegetable capsule, white wax USP, cornstarch, magnesium silicate, wood sugar (non-nutritive).

Free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. Suitable for vegetarians.

How does Skin Marvel™ work?

When the body is under stress, has an inadequate diet or is not subjected to regular exercise, it is said to be poorly habituated. Under certain circumstances, the skin does not provide adequate protection against invasive pathogens and, as a result, sweat ducts become blocked by the autoimmune functions of the body. With excess sweat in the environment numerous blood capillaries, which have walls of only one cell thickness, are destroyed or lost. This loss of capillaries (called rarefaction) leads to higher blood pressure and other skin related problems caused by the absence of sweat and blood vessels. Skin Marvel™ signals the presence of electrolytes so the body assumes that it no longer needs to retain electrolytes. To do this it utilises Smart Cell Signal™ technology which mimics the normal process of homeostasis without actually releasing any additional electrolytes. This encourages normal habituation of sweat ducts and, consequently, capillaries are restored. To maintain optimum condition our skin, hair and nails all need a complete blood supply and open and flowing sweat ducts. For a scientific description of this technology please see [link to Biology of Smart Cell Signal]

How can it help me?

An athlete in perfect condition, someone working outdoors who eats a well-balanced diet or a child who regularly plays in the sun, will almost certainly be normally habituated – that is to say, the body is working exactly as it was designed to do. The human body has a propensity for wellness; it will always try to establish normal habituation and will move electrolytes around in order to sustain homeostasis. When the body is not properly habituated then imbalances and blockages arise. Skin Marvel™ utilises Smart Cell Signal™ technology to restore normal habituation. A well balanced body will have normal blood pressure (i.e. around 120/70), a low resting heart rate, good circulation and clear skin. People poor skin quality, dry and lifeless hair and weak nails are most likely to be poorly habituated and can benefit from taking Skin Marvel™. Additionally, people who exhibit none of these conditions can help maintain and even improve their good health by taking a regular course of Skin Marvel™.

How can Skin Marvel™ help my hair?

Like the skin, hair quality can start to diminish in our mid-thirties. Part of this is a loss of hair colour and of the natural oils that keep our hair shiny and bouncy. Everything that is important about hair health occurs below the skin, in the hair follicle. Oils are produced in the sebaceous gland and colour comes from melanin produced in cells called melanocytes within the follicles. Like every other part of the skin, these cells need adequate supplies of oxygen from the capillaries and moisture and cooling from the sweat glands. Without these the necessary cells will not work properly and, eventually, will die. It does not matter how good the products are that we put on our hair, if the essential hair root quality is not maintained, the hair can never be perfect. Skin Marvel provides every follicle with the protection they need, 24 hours each day, to maintain hair health and quality.

How can Skin Marvel™ help my nails?

Like every other part of the skin, the most important part of the nail is the bit you can't see, within the skin. Finger nails are formed by living skin cells that harden and become keratin. More than anywhere else in the skin, finger nails are a good indicator of health and the colour or texture of our nails may indicate problems anywhere in the body. Skin Marvel, by providing a continuous presence of nourishment and oxygen, helps to maintain nail quality and produce strong clear nails.

Do I need to consult a doctor before taking Skin Marvel™?

You should always consult your medical practitioner if you have concerns about your health. Smart Cell Signal™ and Skin Marvel™ are new technologies and your doctor may not have heard of them yet. However, you can say that the product only contains natural electrolytes and that the manufacturers guarantee that there can be no side effects from using them. You may want to report back to your doctor on the results that you achieve from taking the product.

Can I get it on prescription for Skin Marvel™? If no, why not?

Skin Marvel™ is not a drug and does not contain any medicines. Therefore, it is not regulated in such a way that it would need a prescription. Skin Marvel™ contains specially formulated natural electrolytes and it is classified as a food supplement. The product is regulate under EU rules for food supplements and all of the ingredients meet GRAS (generally regarded as safe) rules.

Are there any side effects taking Skin Marvel?

The manufacturers guarantee that Skin Marvel™ is free from all possible side effects as only naturally occurring electrolytes are used in its preparation. In some cases, users may experience a salty taste, changes in their sweating patterns and changes in their stools but these are a natural consequence of the body restoring normal habituation and will quickly pass.

Can I take Skin Marvel™ while taking other medication?

Skin Marvel™ may be taken with all other medication, excepting blood-thinning products, and, as it is a natural product, it is guaranteed not to impact the effect of other medications or cause side effects. However, it is very important that you should not stop taking other medications prescribed to you without first consulting your doctor because it may be dangerous to do so. If you feel that the conditions for which the medications were prescribed are no longer troubling you, then it is appropriate to talk to your doctor about reducing the amount of medicine that you have to take in a safe manner.

Why can’t I take Skin Marvel™ while I am taking blood thinning drugs?

Blood thinners are commonly used in the prevention and treatment of strokes. These are anti-coagulants that are usually coumarin derivatives such as Warfarin, Heparin, Plavix, Coumadin, Dicumarol, Miradon, etc. If you are taking blood thinners you will probably experience an almost immediate reaction to taking Skin Marvel™. This will exhibit as blotches of purple/black in colour which form all over the skin. This occurs because Skin Marvel™ is causing the capillaries to reform but the effect of the anti-coagulant is to make them leak. This is similar to the effect in many old people on anti-coagulants who show non-impact bruising under the skin. This is a side effect of the anti-coagulants that are inhibiting capillary formation and not of Skin Marvel™. Patients on anti-coagulant treatment should consult their physicians before taking Skin Marvel™.

Some natural remedies contain coumarin, notably Ginkgo biloba, should not be taken while taking Skin Marvel™.

This advice does not apply to patients taking anti-platelets such as aspirin, the alternative method of stroke prevention. Aspirin will not react with Skin Marvel™.

How many do I take a day? How long do I take Skin Marvel™ for?

One capsule is taken each morning with water. It is advisable to follow a sensible diet and carry out regular moderate exercise while taking the capsules for optimum results. A complete course lasts for 30 days after which time normal habituation should be restored. It may be desirable to repeat the course every three to six months in order to maintain the benefits of natural habituation. Some users who have skin problems, or who wish to continuously experience the added benefits Skin Marvel™ offers, take the product every day and this will provide long term well-being.

Does it matter how old I am?

Skin Marvel™ can be taken at any age and is particularly beneficial for older people who may have had elevated blood pressure for many years. However, it was previously thought that rarefaction of the capillaries was a natural consequence of aging but research by the manufacturers of Skin Marvel™ has shown that this is not so and normal habituation can be re-established at any age.

Can children take Skin Marvel™? If so how does it benefit them and from what age?

It should not normally be necessary for young children to take Skin Marvel™ unless they suffer from obesity or skin conditions. Children at or close to puberty may take the same capsules as adults. Parents of children who suffer from eczema are invited to contact us by e-mail to learn about Smart Cell Signal™ patches which can be very beneficial for children who suffer from this problem. While all medicines and supplements should be kept safely out of the reach of children, accidental ingestion of Skin Marvel™ cannot cause any harm.

What benefits will I get from taking Skin Marvel™ if I play sports?

All athletes sweat and, in a perfectly conditioned athlete, the copious sweat produced when exercising under pressure will be pure water with all of the electrolytes removed by operation of the sweat ducts. However, most people – including athletes – will lose excessive amounts of electrolytes during exercise particularly if insufficient water is taken. This can lead to blockages in the sweat ducts which, in turn, damages proximate capillaries. Skin Marvel™ will reverse these blockages resulting in sustained optimum blood pressure and well-conditioned skin. For good health and optimum performance, an athlete requires normal homeostasis; that is the physiological stability achieved by normal negative feedback systems. The demands of training often leave the athlete with impaired feedback systems which can lead to poor performance and health problems. Skin Marvel™ contains only electrolytes found naturally in the body and its use cannot result in an athlete testing positive for any substance.

Can I take Skin Marvel at the same time as taking other Cell Signalling Products?

No. All Smart Cell Signal products broadcast electrical signals at a cellular level. If you take two or more signalling products their individual signals will cancel the other out. This is like trying to listen to two radio channels at the same time. Other Smart Cell Signal products include ion eXtra, Agility Plus, ColCalm and Osteogain. You should use the product that is the best fit with the condition you are most concerned about. That product will also bring benefits to your general health.

What are electrolytes?

Electrolytes are substances containing ions (atomic particles) in cells, blood and other organic materials in the body that make the substance electrically conductive. Electrolytes help to control fluid levels, maintain pH levels and ensure the correct electrical potential between nerve cells that enables the transmission of nerve signals. They can be regarded as the body’s messengers and they play a very important role in maintaining health. Cells exchange electrolytes through a process called osmosis that ensures that every cell is in balance with every other. The body defends osmosis in advance of all other functions and it could be called the essence of life.

What are ions?

An ion is an atom with a positive or negative charge. Ions are created when elements gain or lose electrons. In the body they are elements such as sodium, chloride and potassium that are suspended in body fluids. During chemical reactions, molecular parts ranging from tiny subatomic particles like electrons to entire atoms get shuffled around, transferred, shared and exchanged. The major scientific breakthrough represented by Skin Marvel™ is the understanding and influencing of the chemistry of body fluids.

Can I achieve the same effect by drinking electrolyte drinks?

No. The body needs electrolytes which it obtains from a normal diet. Electrolyte drinks are refreshing and may supply some needed electrolyte input. However, they will provide a temporary excess that is immediately flushed out of the body through the kidneys. These drinks play no part in releasing trapped electrolytes and cannot take the place of Skin Marvel™. The problem is not about taking more electrolytes on board but instead managing those we already have. In modern society, most people will have abundant supplies of electrolytes from their normal diet and, if they drink more, the kidneys will just flush them away. Plus, to make these drinks palatable, the manufacturers load them with sugar which, in nearly every case, will work against your health objectives.